Hacked !

Dear friends, both my Facebook and Hotmail accounts have been hacked by Russian hackers. They also appear to have used my profile to scam other people. I am NOT in Norway, I am not even in Europe at the moment. However I have been told that according to Facebook I appear to be in Scandinavia.
The incident has been reported to the Police. Should you be contacted by “me”, please send me an e-mail, via this blog, complete with a screen print of the text, and I will add it to the Police report. I want to ask all of my friends to block me on Facebook. Additionally please do not to open or respond to any emails from my Hotmail account chris_bb_89@hotmail.com.
Unfortunately there is not much more I can do about this at the moment. I will however place a stop on all of the social media accounts that I still have control over as a precaution as these hackers appear to be quite aggressive.
Thank you all for your understanding regarding this unfortunate incident.

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