About Me

Christina Facing the Pacific

Follow my journey from the perspective of an inexperienced sailor. I have resigned from my job, quit my apartment and left my native Norway to seek new knowledge by doing something that I have never done before, Facing the Pacific.

2019 represents a huge turning point in my life. Step by step I will be learning how to sail and live on a 28 foot sailboat called Mare together with my boyfriend, Axel. I am stepping way out of my comfort zone and I will use this year to learn how to cope with the wonders and challenges coming my way out there on the deep blue sea. I will use this time to seek answers, develop my music and artistic ideas and to glean the knowledge that this trip will provide me with about our world, the ocean and experience the diversity of alternate cultures whom I would never have had the opportunity to study first hand if it was not for my undertaking this trip. 

Back home I am a freelance actress and singer. Over the past couple of years, I have been involved in several plays in Norway in a variety of disciplines including actress, director, writer, composer, and singer. In 2017 I lived in New York for a period of time where I was fortunate enough to obtain an apprenticeship with the theatre company “The Cry Havoc Company”. Over a period of two and a half months I got the opportunity to study writing techniques for short plays and song lyrics together with receiving practical advice and guidance on how to establish an acting company from a business point of view. I acted in the short play “Out of Tune” written by the Company’s resident playwright, Jenny Kirlin and directed by Kitt Lavoie (artistic director and member of the Cry Havoc Company ) and performed at Governor’s Island.

As a solo artist I held my first ever concert featuring  my own original musical compositions at The Mothership NYC’s monthly showcase arranged by the Norwegian painter and artist Sol Kjok. 

So much happened during those two and a half months that really taught me some valuable life lessons. Such as who I want to be in the future, about friendships, and some of the negative aspects of the of the show business industry. However the overwhelming lesson that I learned from that experience was the truly amazing beauty of art and why I simply love it so intensely. 

I believe my time in NYC was a real turning point in my life when, for the first time, I began to see the big picture of what I have dreamt about achieving for so many years. It was where I learnt that I had been keeping parts of my artistic talent within myself and hidden from others. Some scars from my past were suppressing my creative and artistic talents.  I realised that the time had come to let go of the shackles of the past and to move forward. So that is precisely what I will be doing when I’m out there in the wide blue yonder Facing the Pacific. 

I intend sharing drafts of my music and I will be writing a play which I am hoping to finish by the time we conclude our voyage. Additionally I will be narrating and illustrating  the experiences gleaned from this exciting new world that I am living in. 

If you are interested in listening to my music or would like to see some of my acting I will be sharing videos on my YouTube channel along the way. 

I do hope that you can join with me on this great voyage of self discovery that I have titled Facing the Pacific.

Christina Bæver Facing the Pacific